A true statement in brand architecture, Prospace was tasked with delivering an interior across the 300 sqm site, that took the warmth and natural roots of Element as a brand and infused them with urban culture and existing site.

The end result was a combination of furniture and fixture elements, with sculptural forms and towering bamboo – that comes together to form the largest statement the brand has delivered to date globally.

With the goal of allowing the store to evolve, the raw ironbark timber was encouraged to bleach in the natural light. The bamboo was selected to perfectly suit the aspect of the building and the fixtures were simple in their form, to look as though their raw materials had been thrown together.

Working with Element HQ in the US, the brand Managers in Australia, whilst focusing on the broad customer base of the store, Prospace evolved the design using a thorough process of discovery, ongoing consultation with all parties engaged in the process and numerous site visits to ensure the design utilized all aspects of the site.

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